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Sand dunes. Песчаные дюны.


Печаные дюны. Закат. Тепло и спокойно. Именно эти чувства у меня вызывала эта пряжа в процессе вязания. Рисунок для этого пледа я выбрала не сильно ажурный. Достаточно, что бы было легко и не жарко летом и в тоже время не сильно дырявый, что бы защитить от солнца. Хлопковая пряжа с плавными переходами бежевого в коричневый дают эффект дюн. А ажур получился в виде сердечек с ромбом из жемчужного узора внутри. Этот же рисунок я использовала для каймы. Что необычно для ажура – рисунок смотрится хорошо с лица и с изнанки. Осталось только дождаться лета.

Sand dunes. Sunset. Warmth and calm. I had these exact same feelings while knitting. I chose this lace pattern because it protects from the sun, yet its open enough to let air in-perfect for summer! The colours of this cotton yarn flow smoothly and create a sand dune-like effect, hence the name. I used the same moss stitch pattern as inside the diamond-heart for the borders of the blanket. The unusual thing about this lace is that it looks good from both sides. Now we wait for the summer to actually use it!







Плед связан из хлопковой пряжи Katia DeGrade,бежево-коричневая. Ушло 9 мотков по 50 грамм.

Размер 115х85 см. Спицы 4 мм.

Набрать 175 петель и вязать 12 рядов жемчужным узором. Далее петли распределить следующим образом: кромочная, 9 петель жемчужного узора, 154 (7 раппортов) петли ажурного узора, 9 петель жемчужного узора, кромочная. Вязать13 раппортов в высоту. Закончить 12 рядами жемчужного узора.

Жемчужный узор

1-2 ряд: кромочная, *1 лиц, 1 изн*, кромочная.

3-4 ряд: кромочная, * 1 изн, 1 лиц*, кромочная.

Ажурный узор


Ажурный узор повторять с 1 по 22 петлю. Закончить 1 изнаночной. В четных рядах вязать по рисунку. Накиды провязывать изнаночной.


Knit (лицевая)


Purl (изнаночная)


yarn over (накид)


knit 2 together (2 вместе за переднюю стенку)


k2tog through back loop, or slip 2 stitches, return on the left needle and k2tog (2 вместе за заднюю стенку)


knit 3 together (3 вместе)

I knit this blanket from Katiy DeGrade yarn. Needles #6 (4 mm)

Cast on 175 st.

1 selvedge st always slip, last selvedge st always purl.

Knit in moss stitch for 12 rows. After knit 9 st in moss stitch pattern, place marker, 154 st in diamond pattern (7 repeats), place marker, 9 st in moss stitch pattern. Knit for 13 repeats, or to desired length. Finish with 12 rows in moss stitch pattern. Bind off.

Diamond heart.

Pattern works through 1 to 22 st. Repeat from * to *.

1 row: *p1, yo, k1,k2tog through back loop, k3, k2tog,k3,yo,k1,yo,k3, k2tog through back loop, k3,

k2tog,yo*, p1.

2,4,6,8,10,12,14,16,18 rows: knit as you see. Yo purl.

3 row: *p2, yo, k1,k2tog through back loop, k1, k2tog,k3,yo,k1,p1,k1,yo,k3, k2tog through back loop,


5 row: *p3,yo, k3tog,k3,yo, k1,p1,k1,p1,k1,yo,k3,k3tog,yo,p2*,p1.

7 row: *p3,k2tog,k3,yo, k1,p1,k1,p1,k1,p1,k1,yo,k3, k2tog through back loop,p2*,p1.

9 row: *p2,,k2tog,k3,yo, k1,p1,k1,p1,k1,p1,k1,p1,k1,yo,k3, k2tog through back loop,p1*,p1.

11 row: *p1,k2tog,k3,yo,k1,yo, k1,k2tog through back loop, k1,p1,k1,p1,k1,k2tog,yo,k1,yo,k3, k2tog

through back loop*,p1.

13 row: *p1, k2tog through back loop,k2,yo,k3,yo, k2tog through back


15 row: *p1, k2tog through back loop,k1,yo,k5,yo, k2tog through back


17 row: *p1, k2tog through back loop,yo,k7,yo,k3tog,yo,k7,yo, k2tog*,p1.

Moss stitch pattern.

Repeat from * to *.

1 row: k1,*k1,p1*,p1.

2 row: k1,*k1,p1*,p1.

3 row: k1,*p1,k1*,p1.

4 row: k1,*p1,k1*,p1.


  1. Ах, красота то какая!

  2. Лида, сапсибо! Получить похвалу от такого мастера как Вы, много для меня значит!

  3. Инна, здравствуйте! Огромное спасибо вам за плед, все, кто успел увидеть - в полном восторге. Правда у меня он в ином цветовом решении, и к нему прибавилась аналогичная наволочка на ортопедическую подушку для малыша. Получилось здорово! Спасибо.

  4. Татьяна, рада что пригодилось описание! Еще бы фото посмотреть!

  5. Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful pattern!
    I started working on it and after having finished through row 3 of the diamond, I found that the diamond pattern counts 23 stitches in stead of 22. And now my last diamond repeat ends halfway.
    Can you help me on this?

  6. Are there corrections that need to be made to this pattern? I would love to knit this blanket but the 22 versus 23 stitches in the pattern confuses me. Are all the stitches in the even rows to be knitted except for the yarn overs which are purled? Are 175 stitches cast on the correct number for 22 stitches ( 22x7=154+18+1 only equals 173 stitches). Hope to be able to knit this,
    Nancy Hom

    1. Nancy, you are correct in the fact that 173 stitches are to be cast on. Also, omit the first K1 in row 1. Omit the first K1 in row 3. Omit the second K1 in row 11. I knitted the yarn overs and the knit stitches in the even rows and purled the purl stitches. I found out that these changes are what was needed to correct the pattern.

  7. I'm confused about this pattern. The diamond pattern is 23 stitches, which it does state (stitches 1 to 22 equals 23 stitches). But the pattern also says that the pattern is 154 stitches, which only equals to 22 stitches repeated. But either way, neither of those work out to be 175 stitches. Has anyone followed this pattern fully? Did it work?

    1. I am the one that wrote the anonymous reply to Nancy that was dated 7/17/2015. I am working on it now and it is working beautifully. However, I am using the corrections that I put in my reply. I don't know why it was written wrong but I kept working with it until I got it to work right and it is a beautiful pattern. Just follow my corrections and it will work. Good luck and happy knitting!

  8. Thank you Anonymous for the corrections. Happy to have found them before starting this and frustration set in. Wonder why designer wouldn't take the time to publish a corrected copy.

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  10. Am having difficulty finding the yardage of yarn needed. Please advise on the amount.

    1. If you search Ravelry for this pattern it has more info about yardage and such.

  11. To those saying the pattern is wrong - it isn't!

    The repeated part of the diamond pattern is 22 stitches, then the row ends with p1. So 22x7=154, plus the p1 = 155 stitches.

    You then have 9 st in moss stitch either side. 2x9=18 plus 155 = 173 stitches.

    Don't forget this part of the pattern: "1 selvedge st always slip, last selvedge st always purl."

    So 2 selvedge stitches + 173 stitches = 175 stitches.

    Hope that helps!

    1. Also to those asking about yardage etc, this pattern took 9 skeins of 50 grams, according to Google Translate :-)

  12. Do you mean slip the first k stitch in the first and third row and the second k stitch in the 11th row? I am starting this pattern and I want to get it right.

  13. I was wondering if the first slipped stitch should be done as purl wise and then the original pattern should be started? Or should you just treat the slipped stitch as a part of the original pattern? I am hoping that you can answer these questions. Thank you

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  15. I re-write this revised pattern with Diagram version. If there's anyone want the PDF pattern please email me at ;)
    Thank you Inna T for this beautiful blanket pattern!

    1. I would appreciate it if you could email me the revised pattern.
      Thank you.

    2. Can I also have a revised pattern please? My e mail address is


  16. May I please have a copy of the revised pattern with diagram.

    1. please could you email me the revised pattern at thank you

  17. Could u please send me the revised pattern? My email adds is:
    Thank you. Jacqui

  18. I would like a copy of the revised pattern please.

  19. Please can you send me the pattern
    Also what weight of wool is required. I am in the UK and would probably choose double knitting which is equivalent to 8ply but don't know what your yarns are measured in.
    Was it knitted in cotton or wool? Could you do it in either?

  20. I too would like a copy of the revised pattern, please. Thank you!

  21. 2nd try....
    Love thecpattern and thank you for sharing it, but it had some kinks. Thanks to the comments I figured them out.
    Found the errors. I rewrote them on my Ravelry page.

    Hope this helps.

  22. Very nice pattern, I fan into the 22 - 23 problem - then found your corrections Anonimus - THANK YOU very much! It all make sense! Hope I will get it nicely done now. I am making a chart as I find that a lot easier to follow.